A Simple Process . . . Things You Need To Know

Pools are a relatively simple product to produce and the market is very competitive. This has led many pool companies to suggest that others are not doing a good job. Some of the sales pitches are; “They don’t use enough or large enough gauge rebar, don’t have 12 inch bond beams, they re-use gunite overspray, don’t have enough experience,” Etc. Etc.

The reality is that all pool companies are subject to regulation. They are engineered, permitted and inspected by local building officials for code compliance. We have personally inspected the local pool companies during the construction process and have found them to be virtually identical in regard to the building process. The major difference lies in two areas. The first area can be deception in price. Much like purchasing a home, you walk into the model and love the finished product, then find out that the price you were quoted does not include the extras or the premium upscale appliances, carpets, tile and granite. This applies to swimming pools as well. The second area has much to do with timing and how quick the companies will act on the services they are offering. Our goal is to help you become more informed when choosing your pool company and not be forced to choose one out of fear! The reality is all established pool companies have a great product. The questions you should ask are, “how many days will it be before submitting plans to get the permits, how many days until you actually begin construction after getting permits, what’s the real price for this pool, and when can we swim?”

The following are the key issues that we want you to think about when purchasing your pool. Whether you use our company or a competitor there are things that you need to know to ensure that your pool buying experience will be what you want it to be, FUN!!!


  •      Quotes must be complete
  •      Contractor’s license number
  •      Everything supplied should be listed
  •      Ask about extras
  •      Estimated starting and finish dates
  •      Total price


  •     How long have you been in business?
  •     Do you require a deposit?
  •     How long will it take to get a quote?
  •     When will you apply for the permits?
  •     How long before construction will start after permits are issued?
  •     How long will the pool take to build?
  •     Can I be charged extra for anything?
  •     Who do I call if I have any questions?