Do you install fiberglass pools? 

No, we don’t install any fiberglass pools.  Don’t let the name fool you… there is nothing cookie cutter about our pools!  We only build custom gunite pools.  Each inground pool is customized to meet the needs and desires of the customer.


Do you require a deposit?

We collect a $1,000 maximum deposit when you sign the contract.


Where do you build residential pools?

We build residential pools in the greater Sacramento area plus Napa, Sonoma, Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo and the surrounding areas.  Please contact us if you would like to know if we build in a specific city.


Why do you provide email estimates instead of just going out and talking with customers?

We value both your time and our time.  A swimming pool is a huge investment and construction costs continue to rise.  We want you to be informed about the potential cost of a pool rather than take up an hour or more of your time only to find out the cost of a pool is not within your budget at this time. We believe this process leads to transparency and helps our customers plan for their dream pool.


What’s the difference between and estimate and a quote?

An estimate is an unofficial ballpark figure that we provide based on the information you provide to us either through our website or on the phone.  A quote is completed after we have met with you to review your vision and we have seen your space, taken measurements, and accounted for the unique aspects of your property.  The quote will have renderings of your design and will be a guaranteed price for your project for a specified amount of time.  If you wanted to proceed after receiving the quote, then we would meet again to sign the contract.


How long will it take to get a quote?

We can usually have a quote out within a few business days of the appointment, but it can take up to week.


When will you apply for the permit?  

Due to the three-day rescission laws (your right to cancel the contract), we must wait 3 business days after you sign the contract to begin any work.  Once the waiting period has ended, we send your plans to engineering which takes approximately 5-10 business days.  We then apply for a permit usually within 5 business days of getting back the engineering.  In total, the permit is usually applied for within 15 business days of signing the contract.


How long does it take city/ county to approve permit?

The permitting process used to be much faster before Covid-19!  The permit review process by the city or county can now unfortunately take up to 20 business days before a permit is approved.


How long is entire permit process?

It usually takes about 3 months to get a permit to start construction after the contract is signed.


How long before construction will start after permits are issued?

In most cases, we start digging your pool within 15 working days of permit issuance.


How long will the pool take to build once you begin digging?

In most cases, it takes approximately 60 working days from the completion of the dig to pool completion.  If you are adding a spa to your project, it can take up to 90 working days from completion of dig to pool/spa completion.  Complex projects can take longer.


How long is the entire process after the contract is signed?

So, the entire process (from signing the contract to completion) is approximately 6-8 months long:


Waiting period, engineering + permits         10-12 weeks

Scheduling after permit                                 2- 3 weeks

Construction                                                  12-16 weeks


The above is a general timeframe.  Rain and other factors (including complexity of the project) can alter the timeframe.


What is a working day?

A working day is the number of days we can work and differs from business days.  Weather and changes to the scope of work can impact our ability to work and these are taken into consideration when calculating working days.


Can I be charged extra for anything?

If we anticipate any potential extra charges, we try to note those on the quote that we provide after we have met with you and looked at your property.  After you have signed the contract, you will not be charged extra for anything unless it is agreed to in writing by both of us.


Do I have to pay for the entire pool when sign the contract?

No, we have five progress payments you will make during the construction process.  Only a deposit of $1,000 is due when you sign the contract.  The progress payments don’t begin until we have started construction and are spelled out in the contract. You may also reference the How We Do It page for a typical payment schedule.


Do you provide financing?

No, we do not provide our own financing for pools, but we are an approved builder with a few lenders.  We can provide contact information for lenders upon request.


Are there any rebates offered for the pool equipment you use?

SMUD has historically offered a rebate for Variable Speed Pumps.  SMUD determines the amount of the rebate and which pumps qualify for the rebate. We recommend that you contact SMUD or visit their website at for further information about any pool equipment rebates.


How much money will I spend each month to use and maintain my pool?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to this as there are so many variables and each person’s circumstances will be different.  We can say that you will for sure have expenses for chemicals and additional costs for utilities and water – plus of course the costs of sunscreen, new bathing suits and pool toys!


What’s the process to get something fixed if it breaks?

If you have any concerns regarding the functionality of your pool, please complete our warranty form available on our website.  If the issue is not covered under warranty, we will provide you with options on how to get the repair completed.