Buyers Responsibilities

  • Rebuild fence (if required for access)
  • Five foot fence with closure and latch (to code)
  • Accurate property lines
  • Homeowners Association Approval (if required)
  • Sign off on pool and equipment location at time of dig (length, width, location)
  • Water gunite 3 times a day until plastering
  • Brush pool plaster 3 times daily (Per Pool School)
  • Yard drainage
  • Construction power
  • Water to fill pool
  • Install door alarm(s)
  • Access repair (drains, cracked concrete, sprinklers, lawn, plants) in areas which equipment must travel
  • Be home for pre-plaster and final inspection

    Possible Extra’s

  • Rock: Requires a jack hammer
  • Expansive soil: Could require extra expenses
  • Travel distance
  • Less than 6 foot width access to pool: Requires small tractor
  • Utilities: Too far away from pool
  • Pool within 5 ft. of the house
  • High water table
  • Equipment pad too far away from pool
  • Additional Pre-grade
  • Asbestos (could require extra expenses)
  • Moving obstacles ie. trees, concrete, debris
  • Moving utilities ie. sewer, water, electricity, septic, gas
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